A trip to The Sierra Calderona Natural Park


If you plan a trip to Valencia and believe that too much sea is not for you, go ahead and schedule a trip to one of Spain’s Natural Parks near Valencia – Sierra Calderona. At an hour and a half drive from the citadel, taking a route mainly on freeway A23 you can enjoy the beauty of the Valencian scenery from the moment you get in your car. Having the advantage of proximity between the seaside and the mountain tops, this part of Spain is there to provide its most dynamic visitors with trips and experiences that can leave one breathless. It’s no wonder tourists choose this area for holidays as it has so much to offer and you can never get bored.





17 Sierra Calderona

Once you have decided to take the trip, put on your hiking boots as the terrain is perfect for such adventures. Keep in mind that the flora and the fauna in The Sierra Calderona Natural Park are protected and you can find species that are both beautiful and unique. Recognized for its pray birds, you should keep your eyes wide open and admire these amazing creatures.


So while in Spain, don’t just laze on the beach, sea side is relaxing yet the mountains offer a breathtaking view to remember.




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