Home like privacy for a relaxing holiday


People always ask what makes a holiday experience a truly relaxing and enjoyable one. For me, having the privacy I have at home while being away, a private pool and proximity to the beach do the thing.


Privacy is key aspect form me when looking for the perfect get away spot and I always enjoy spending time looking for the holiday crib, no matter where I go. It is not the fact that I don’t enjoy the company of others, because I do, but for me the best holiday is one where I can be comfortable, not having to mind every move so that I don’t disturb others. So if I am in the mood of reading or watching TV at 2 am, well I’ll definitely be doing that.



The pool area… oh sweetness, how isn’t that cool? Just close your eyes and simply imagine floating under a starry ski or sharing the whole pool only with your beloved one. And why not, if you have kids, can you think of a better joy to them than being able to jump in the water without thinking of the people who complain about splashing and noise?  I don’t think so…



Proximity to the beach, oh well nothing can top that romantic walk on the beach alongside your most favorite person in the whole world. If you are a morning person, you can beat everybody else and go watch the sun rising from the water like a golden Poseidon ready for a new day.


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