Too soon to plan a holiday? Maybe not

Mallorca Blue Sea

There is something in the air these days that makes you smell spring. The sun shines brighter, the sky is blue and you can even hear birds chirping, it kind of makes you think about planning this year’s vacation.

Blue Winter Sky

So why not indulge yourself in a search for the perfect getaway? Does Spain sound ok? How about Mallorca? Yes, you can already smell the salty sea. And while you are on the island, haw about staying in a privately owned villa in Mallorca? I think that the simple thought of that made you smile a bit.

Mallorca Rocky Shore

Do you want an idea? I am suggesting Vida Villas.  This family owned business has a portfolio of more than one thousand privately owned villas, townhouses and apartments all across the Balearic Island of Mallorca. From one bedroom to more than twelve bedrooms, you can find the most amazing places for rent, with local design or a modern touch and at a stone’s throw away from the beach. Can you imagine, walking barefoot on the warm sand while the waves are gently hugging the shore?

Mallorca Villa-Finca del Alaro - Vida Villas
Finca del Alaro – Vida Villas

You might be wondering… why stay in a privately owned property? Well, what can be better, you have the privacy you have at home, a quiet and relaxing place, you can choose to cook for yourself, hire a chef or a catering agency, the owners at Vida Villas provide you with such services, and even better, you can try the local restaurants and bars and feel like a local for a few days. In addition, these holiday villas are very well taken care of due to the fact they are privately owned. Just imagine swinging in a hammock while the waves are singing their crystalline tune.

Playa de Muro- Vida Villas - Mallorca Villas
Playa de Muro- Vida Villas

Have I stirred you imagination yet? If the answer yes, check out the privately owned Mallorca villas, townhouses and apartments offered by Vida Villas. You won’t be disappointed.

Playa de Muro - Mallorca Villas - Vida Vilas
Playa de Muro terrace view – Vida Villas

If you think it’s too soon, I’d say it isn’t. Having a nice relaxing holiday takes planning in advance. You can also contact the Vida Villas team for more insight on the island, the best time to visit and what is the perfect accommodation for your needs.

So plan away and have a pleasant and productive week!


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